Streetlight Cadence

STREETLIGHT CADENCE is a fresh and energetic 4-piece band playing violin, cello, accordion, guitar and drums with group vocals. They are “post-folk” and can be described as millenial pop punk energy with Nickel Creek instrumentation. With two different music programs to offer and an extensive catalogue of originals and covers, the group is highly versatile and performs comfortably on stages of all sizes, including PAC’s, festivals, clubs, fairs, stadiums, commercial, orchestra collaborations, schools and more.

The band began as three college students busking to afford food after a full day of classes. Jesse responded to a Craigslist ad posted by Jonathon seeking “Interesting Musicians”, and together with Brian, their fellow orchestra compadre, took to the sidewalks of Waikiki. Years later, long-time friend Ben made the monumental decision to leave his day job and join the group. He began learning how to play the drums and (along with the rest of SLC) found himself backing up Kenny Loggins approximately four months into his new career. After coming out unscathed, he became the group’s final addition, establishing the image and sound of Streetlight Cadence.

The members of Streetlight Cadence are friends first and band second. This is felt in their performance and their relationship with fans, who have supported them through their crowdfunding campaigns and purchased their albums in the tens of thousands. The group has three unique Billboard chart placements and even self-produced their own Emmy-nominated travel TV show, Will Play For Food.

The band has attracted a truly diverse crowd from all over the world. Highlight performance locations beyond the sidewalks include Aloha Stadium, Hawaii Theater, Grand Hyatt in the Bahamas, Disneyland Resort, Italia Cultural Hall in Japan and more. They’ve sold out shows at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center and the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Nine years in and still friends with each other and their fans, Streetlight Cadence continues to step forward in the touring music world. Expect to see them in your town or on your TV screen soon!