Michael Messina

Manager/A&R - Quiet Panic

Michael Messina has over 20 years experience in the music industry.  Starting as a touring musician and eventually becoming a tour manager for many major and Indie label artists. Michael has traveled all over the world managing tours and learning the ins and outs of the touring industry. In 2006 Michael transitioned his career to the label side of things becoming the product manager at the infamous Heavy Metal label Southern Lord Recordings. While at Southern Lord Michael worked on projects by Probot featuring Dave Grohl, Desert Sessions featuring Josh Homme as well as Southern Lord staples like Sunn O))), Boris and Earth. At Southern Lord Michael honed his skills as well as his ears and started seeking out talent. It was at this point that Michael decided to start  working with local talent like Mississippi Man, Dirty Sweet, Transfer and Rumspringa. Michael has success getting his bands on Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Summerfest.

Fast forward to 2018 Michael formed Quiet Panic Records and Management, Releasing albums for Beach Slang, Picture Plane and Spiral Heads (members of MGMT and American Nightmare). Michael also manages Thrash Metal Legends Excel (Southern Lord Recordings), Toxic Holocaust (Eone Music), Take Offense (Pure Noise), Plague Years (Eone Music), Spiral Heads (Quiet Panic Records) featuring member s of MGMT and American NIghtmare. 

With all his years of experience, Michael has cultivated huge amounts of connections throughout the music industry.  He has become well versed in how to get a record deal, obtaining an agent and creating marketing plans that will greatly influence your overall success as an artist.