Ishita Sinha

Composer | Music Editor | Vocalist

Ishita Sinha is a composer, music editor, and vocalist who has contributed to film, television, internet, and live music performances internationally. Ishita’s work is featured in popular Netflix and TheCW TV show The 100, where she was also featured as a solo vocalist on the background score. She worked with renowned Emmy award-winning composer, Nathan Wang on Chinese feature films Namiya and The Faces of My Gene. Ishita has composed the brand theme for one of India’s oldest and well-reputed movie theaters, Regent Theater, established in 1929.

Having trained in Indian Classical music in her native country, India, Ishita has worked with Oscar and Grammy award-winning composer, A.R. Rahman, and National Film Award-winning composer, Shankar Mahadevan.

Ishita has contributed musical compositions to commercials for Carrier United Technologies, India. She was the lead producer on the album “SpiritLine” which features artistic compositions from different Indigenous nations. The album was released in August 2019 with the purpose to raise awareness and funds for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women issue.