An old soul with a new sound, Olivia Morreale (Foxie) grew up in an Italian-American family in Washington, DC, and later New York City, and has always taken a no-holds-barred approach to finding her individuality and pursuing her passions. After studying all types of music from the age of 9, Foxie found her true musical home as a teenager sitting in at late-night R&B and jazz jam sessions in Manhattan. With a sound that reflects old-school artists, current sounds, and bits and pieces of life, Foxie’s voice carries a unique perspective that transcends any era. Foxie has played at various venues in Los Angeles as a solo artist as well as the lead vocalist of the all-female rock group MOTHER, and has also sung with big bands and has recorded lead and background vocals for several acts around the Los Angeles area. She has toured nationally as a background vocalist and keyboard player for several acts. Foxie has studied under LA-based musicians Sara Gazarek, Patrice Rushen, and Jeffrey Allen, among others.