Chris Jiannino

Music/Artist Manager

Originally residing in Long Beach, CA. Jiannino, began his music career managing the very early stages of young Los Angeles, indie darlings THE SHAKES.  Only a week into managing the fast growing group, who found immediate success self releasing their first single “Scrumptious,” Chris jumped head first into creating a proper release strategy for their debut EP “With Every Moment.”  As well a strong plan to break the groups electric and uncanny live element.  One that would spread like fire in their local scene, ear to ear. The EP was then released independently by Jiannino’s management, garnering immediate attention from both fans and press. Eventually building the debut release to a respectable spot on the NACC top 200 charts for 2 months straight with enormous support from KROQ (KAT CORBETT) and many tastemakers around their local Los Angeles scene.  Followed by a well planned tour through the south and opportunities at SxSW 2019. 

Since then, along with a respectable roster and now a wide range of booking respect within the LA/OC scene, Chris has developed and helped grow many of Los Angeles’ best up and coming artists.  Whatever it takes, this young manager, still in his young 20’s is determined to help push a new, refreshing and unique “wave” into the mainstream.  And is building the needed knowledge through hard work, lessons learned and his passion for breaking that next original sound.