Ashlinn Gray

The edgy artist, Ashlinn Gray, South African born singer-songwriter, plays with the light and dark sides of her struggle for truth and authenticity. Adolescence is a tricky maze! In a world that dictates how we are to behave, dress, talk and live; too often we succumb to the pressure of the naysayers, the haters. Ashlinn Gray, however, is here to make her mark! As a charismatic and unapologetic artist, Gray explores the intersection of owning ones power and the vulnerability of taking risks. Her latest release, ‘STFU’, produced by Abe Dertner, is a defiant stand. In her production, she toys by combining genres, fusing rock, pop and hip hop elements into a track that is as unpredictable as youth in 2019 can be. Her magnetic and clean vocals provide the listener with something familiar: the innocence of youth. This juxtaposed against the harsh, unforgiving production speaks beautifully to the challenges and rough edges of discovering oneself, formulating one’s identity and navigating this world as young woman.


“We are all trying to figure our shit out. I’m here to own it. Embrace it. Communicate it. Speak to it. We can all help each other figure life out but I’m not here to pay any mind to those who are gonna rain on my parade with their negativity fountain.