Alisa Daglio

Award Winning Director

Virgin Island born Director Alisa Daglio’s “take the bull by the horns” approach is confirmed by her background. Out of thousands of international candidates, the award winning director was one of three selected worldwide to showcase for the television show “Making It Big” (music video director edition) in Vancouver. Moreover, Daglio received top honors in 2009 as the youngest and only American director ever selected to judge the acclaimed Universal Studios subsidized “Eserciti E Popoi International Film Festival“ held in Bracciano Italy.  Daglio’s own international film festival work has been featured in Spain, France, and India.  In the United States, her projects screened in Hollywood, Chicago, New Orleans, and garnered top honors in both 2014 and 2015 at The Other Venice Film festival, taking home the award for “Best Music Video” for two consecutive years.

Currently, Daglio is best known for directing highly stylized music videos, live concert events, and docu-style shorts, with artists such as Struggle Jennings, Trap DeVille, Flipper, TRAPT, 50 Cent tour partner Madam Brown, former Death Row recording artist Flipside, and Floss P (Harold Moret) who produced over 11 platinum albums with Dr. Dre and Dj Quick.  The Director’s work has penetrated the international market with hard hitting videos for Zomba Records United Kingdom/Music for Nations and with the “Namaste” music video for Iranian celebrity pop singer “Mehrana.” Additional projects include the extended Flipper 40th anniversary “Sex Bomb” music video featuring commentary from Shepard Fairy, Mike Watt, The Melvins, and more, as well as a series of high impact music videos with art house Eye Level Studios (merging new musical artists with avant-garde fashion, photography, and artwork).

As a director, her music video genres include alternative rock, punk, hip hop, pop, and industrial and have logged airtime on Rolling Stone, MTV UK, KABC Channel 7 Los Angeles Eyewitness News, and CNN.  No stranger to the media herself, Daglio has appeared on CBS KFMB Channel 8 News, ESPN, Extra NBC, KTLA News, PAX TV, and has been featured in such press outlets as Oxygen Magazine, Hollywood Today, The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, the cover of The Beach and Bay Press, the cover of Beach Magazine, and Marie Claire.

After achieving her B.A. in Visual Art/Film with honors from The University of California at San Diego, Daglio moved to Los Angeles to fine tune her skills at the Los Angeles Music Video and Commercial Institute. Many of her early works in film and video have been described by Sundance Jury Prize winning filmmaker Jean Pierre Gorrin as ”edgy and confrontational.” The auteur remarks, “There is a raw energy and confidence to Alisa’s work that is unmistakably elegant.”

Apart from directing award winning music videos, Daglio’s independent work includes an upcoming musical documentary feature about the iconic Bay Area punk band “Flipper.” – Stay Tuned!

-By: Ted Polhemus