“What The World Needs Now…”


My name is Barry Coffing and I am the founder of Springboard and Sustainable Artists. The concept behind both companies was to help talented hardworking independent artists get to the next level. This will be our 15th event (lucky 13 in Memphis got canceled). As the entire world faces a pandemic and seeks equal justice for people of color, it is difficult to seek attention for the arts. However, in times like these it is the arts that have the power to enlighten and reflect the world, illuminate the dark places, and lighten the heavy load of a harsh reality.

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. As long as we go on it will play on. We will sing, dance, love, cry, work, study and march to the sound of music. What the world need now is love and great music. Here are the changes and adjustments to Springboard.

1. This will be another Super Springboard, meaning that in addition to this events mentors and performers, every artist and mentor from all previous Springboards will be invited to attend the Band Bootcamp for free.

2. We will have some great virtual networking and chat room events that will allow everyone to see their old friends as well as make some new one.

3. We operate under a non-profit and it is the perfect time to not make a profit (something we are an expert on since no Springboard has ever earned a profit). We will have a virtual tip jar that will run during the entire event and the money will go to support future Springboard events.

Sustainable Artists is a non-profit made up of music industry professionals and its mission is to help artists create a balance between artistic focus and economic reality. Empowering the artists by increasing their education, networking and business skills in order for them, and the art they create to be self-sufficient.

Independent music artists, labels, managers, students and music related business.

Over the course of the last nine years, we have brought in hundreds of music industry experts who have conducted hundreds of educational, mentoring and live pitch panels, helping over 700 artists. Artists have received recording contracts, Film & TV Placements, Sponsorship Deals, found managers, agents, producers, publishers and even band members. We have recorded over 400 hours of concert footage more than 60 hours of interviews. These videos have been used to educate and promote the artists, services and technologies of the future.

Sustainable Artists/Springboard Festivals combine to present a series of music business conference and showcases designed to provide professional resources and education to independent musical artists and their support business to allow both to become self-sustainable professionals.