Producer / Songwriter / Engineer
Trackhead aka Bless is a producer, songwriter, and engineer of nearly every genre. Trackhead learned at a young age not to settle for what is expected nor limit himself to a small space of creativity. He loves to laugh, have fun, make music, and give back to those who need love. Starting off his ambitions to be an artist and allow people to hear his heart he realized that his love and passion was in creating the music. “Music is my love, and my heart beat is a the temple to my every song”.
Beginning his music career as an artist and song writer, to then transition to a producer greatly has helped Trackhead to be able to create full songs from start to finish. “I am scatter brain, which works because I can start making a track, begin to mentally create verses, hooks, adlibs and harmonies all at once”. 
Trackhead aka Bless found his gift was knowing what artist and songs would be most popular and award winning. With this gift he personally created a sound which helped prominent artists sign deals with major labels, one such artist being Andra day, a Grammy nominated singer.
Trackhead early start to the industry began with writing and producing for Wu Tang. He has since produced and wrote for such artists as Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, and labels like Sony, Capital, Interscope and artists around the globe.