The Shakes

Hailing from the suburbs of Orange County, CA; independent pop/indie rock collective of couch surfer musicians, The Shakes, is led by frontman and songwriter Sean Perry and accompanied by fellow artists Cameron Pearson (guitar), Syd Tagle (keys/synth), Tanner Henderson (bass), and Levi Matullis (drums). Influenced by 70’s rock, 80 pop, and 00’s R&B, Perry has brought a fresh, newfangled sound while lyrically crafting a dialog that resonates with nearly all that happen upon it. 

The group’s distinctive sound struck the ears of Francois Comtois of Young The Giant while recording their first single, “Somebody” with Jon O’Brien and Josh Brooks at The Music Box studios in Fullerton, CA. An impressed Comtois went on to record drums for the single which was released in August 2017.Since their formation in 2017, The Shakes, have quickly established a strong following in Orange County which has quickly spread outward. Their fervent and energetic shows not only keep their loyal fans coming to each and every show they can attend but also convert others in attendance into the fan-base.

The Shakes currently has three singles available on all streaming platforms; “Scrumptious,” “Somebody,” and “Paralyzed (Everything’s Alright).” Including their debut EP WITH EVERY MOMENT, engineered and mixed by producer Josh Brooks. The EP consists of six songs, including 2 bedroom demos. Perry’s lyrics take a dive into the everyday struggles of an angsty adolescent, attempting to make the best of every moment. Perry’s lyrical themes of introspection and optimism in the face of uncertainty is a parallel for what the future holds for The Shakes, in their journey from suburbia to global recognition.