Ruth McCartney

CEO of McCartney Multimedia, Inc.

Ruth McCartney was educated in Great Britain at West Kirby County Grammar for Girls, the North West Stage School (with part-time dance teacher Nigel Lythgoe of American Idol Producer fame), and the Royal Ballet School. Being trained in the theater, and growing up around The Beatles and their rock star friends, Ruth saw a need to combine both communications and entertainment. In her formative years in Liverpool, she earned pocket money at home in sorting, filing and replying to fan correspondence addressed to her step- brother Sir Paul, as well as helping her mother Angie create The Wings Fun Club in 1972.

As co-founder and CEO of McCartney Multimedia, Inc., Ruth is a respected music industry veteran, communications expert, public speaker and strategist with a strong marketing, cross-promotions, and entrepreneurial background. In addition, Ruth’s brainchild is the online Customer / Fan acquisition and retention, tool®. The company’s past and present fan management and web development clients include Clint Black, Richie Sambora, Roseanne Barr, Paula Abdul, America, John Cleese, Kenny G., Steve Tyrell, Oleta Adams, REO Speedwagon, Jessica Biel and Edgar Winter.