Robbie Dean

Robbie Dean is a Southern CA based singer, songwriter, and producer known for his unique pop R&B sound, smooth vocal delivery and impressive range.


Robbie Dean graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts and hit the ground running with an incredible frame of reference for music and passion for live performance. Now at 21 years old, in addition to writing and playing his own pop R&B tunes, you can often find him in the studio collaborating with other writers and producers. When he’s not writing or recording, you can catch him playing shows all over Southern CA.


Robbie Dean has been in the studio working on a string of new originals with a sound all his own. In November Robbie Dean released four new singles “SLEEP”, “INTROVERT”, “STRANGERS” and “SALT”. These followed his April 2018 release of “FAMOUS” featuring Chozin. Watch for more new music from Robbie Dean coming soon!