Paul K Saunders

Artist Management/Music Marketing

Paul has been involved in the business of music marketing for more than 35 years. I having worked at a Label, been an Artist Manager, Tour Manager, Event Producer and even spent time as a Roadie.  

Paul spent many years working on radio starting on a pirate station on a real ship off the UK coast, then the BBC in London and several commercial stations around the UK. Since moving to the US 17 years ago, he first spent time on the air on KQMT Classic Rock station in Denver and for a while part of a nationally syndicated show broadcasting live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. After terrestrial radio, his focus has been creating, programming and managing online radio stations and he believes that internet radio comes of age when it’s truly local as it enables the effective promotion of indie music. 

In the last couple of years, Paul has returned to working directly with artists & bands and he is the manager of Diamonds & Whiskey, a country rock band from Charlotte, NC. 

His company New Music Lives, is focused on creation what Paul calls “no-performance” revenue. Which can be achieved by blending paid ads, custom audiences to drive streaming revenue which leads to direct sales of music, merch and tickets.

Paul believes that key to all artists and bands success is having the money available to be full-time musicians while staying in complete control of their own music careers. He believes in “actions speaking louder than words”, so when you work with him you can be sure you will get things done. 

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