Martin Nethercutt

President of McCartney Multimedia, Inc.

As President of McCartney Multimedia, Inc., Martin Nethercutt is responsible for business and creative strategy by overseeing the 50,000 foot view for the company. With over 25 years of business experience, Martin’s main focus is the technological as well as creative expansion of the McCartney brand(s).

From small business to Fortune 500 companies, Martin has not only developed web and software projects, but has also become an accomplished international businessman.  In 2003 he founded McCartney Multimedia PTY in Sydney, Australia together with Angie, Ruth McCartney and Australian Business Director Rory Crawford.

As a small business owner, Martin’s work ethic is to be flexible and adaptable as well as being well prepared and straightforward in what McCartney Multimedia produces.  As Chief Creative Officer, Martin’s imagination has provided the foundation for McCartney Multimedia, Inc.

Having served 2000+ clients with creative vision, web programming, branding, art and design, music and voice overs, Martin has become quite the producer himself.As a writer and editor, Martin publishes the McCartney Newsletter to 6,000 readers on a bi-monthly basis.

In 2005 he founded McCartney Studios, an offshoot of McCartney Multimedia, Inc., where he runs the studio, maintains and manages over 250,000 pieces of media.  From video clips to music and effects libraries, graphics and photography, copy writing and voice overs, Martin has been involved with over 2000+ projects in the last 17 years.

Martin Nethercutt lives with his wife and business partner Ruth McCartney in Playa del Rey, CA.