Diamonds & Whiskey

Where the swamps of Louisiana meet the hills of North Carolina, a new sound emerges. Diamonds & Whiskey is made up of singer Jenny Webb’s swamp-siren vocals, Von Bury’s finely chopped and grinding guitar riffs, Elena Martin’s smoldering hot violin licks and anchored and swung by drummer Christopher McKinney’s beats and thumping toms.

It’s hard to believe they have only been together since 2016; every set they play features lovingly crafting anthems like Hands Down, the band’s first, sonorous blast of a single. The band are as valuable as their name implies; it’s hard-cost music, and worth experiencing no matter how melancholy or angry it gets, as every moment can spill over into a rich feeling of good changes coming, and life well worth loving.

Get to know Diamonds & Whiskey now… so one day you can say you knew them way back when.